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Chapter 3 on the New Lobby

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The Mimic (Roblox) Chapter 3 is the third chapter in The Mimic. You can currently find 3 monsters in this chapter. This chapter is primarily set on a ship.

The Shipwreck - Part Tito Mo:

During the first part of this chapter, you try to escape this ship. There are several pages which can be found on the ship; they are non-interactible. These pages contain tiny bits of lore which all give a backstory of the twisted world of the game. To escape, you have to find a code to open the door. After escaping the ship, you end up in a Sakura forest. There is a monster (Kaito) in this Sakura forest, in addition to several lanterns aligning the path to important areas in the forest which have a 50% chance in protecting you from the monster (Nightmare Mode only). In the forest, you find a small hut which has a small puzzle in it. Once you complete this mini-puzzle, a cabinet opens, revealing a blade which you must give as an offering in the well to open the seal in the cave. Once you break this seal, you get Teleported into a watery area with hands coming out from each side. You have to avoid these hands, as you die if they touch you. During this, Kintoru asks if you are still trying to find your friends or if you are just trying to survive. After you complete the puzzle, the witch tells you that the butterfly spirits are the souls of your friends, and that using the butterfly spirits destroys your friends' souls too. To move onto part 2, you have to go on top of the tree and find a butterfly spirit to put on a pedestal, which opens the door that leads to part 2 of chapter 3. Once you complete this task, the lady chases you for using the butterfly spirit, even though you know that they are your friends' souls and using them will destroy your friends' souls. After this, you teleport to the second part of chapter 3.

The Skull Maze Of The 4 Beasts - Tita Mo:

Now you are in the room of a house, where you have to find a key to get out of. After you exit the room, you enter a hallway, and you are tasked to find a blade, a rose and a corrupted spirit. The blade is in the first room to the right. The second room to the right contains a key, which opens to a room at the end of the hallways. The rose is in there. The third room to the right has the corrupted spirit. Go back to the main room with the statue that has pedestals near it. Once you put all the items inside their respective pedestals, the locked door (which is down the hallway, take a right turn) opens and walk forward to it. You are transported into a hallways with the words, "Am I pretty?" written on them. At the end of the hallway, you find an entrance to a house with many rooms. There is a statue behind a pot emitting smoke. There is also a blocked-off door in that room as well. You have to click 5 bells throughout the house while avoiding the monster, Mihari. She can't enter the room with the statue and smoke pot. One bell is behind a fallen wardrobe, another is under a table, one is inside a cabinet, one is next to the TV, and another is next to a plant. Once you finish this task, you will have to grab the soul from Mihari herself and burn it in the object emitting smoke. To grab her soul, you must be near her (without dying) and there will be a pop up that you can press. There are times when she disappears from view, but you can still grab the soul from her. (Tip: the best method is to lead her into the room with the statue and try to grab her soul right when you enter since she can't go into that room.) A cutscene comes up of the blocked-off door opening. Go inside and you will be teleported to part 3.

Omukade's Lair - Part Time to lick Sama:

In this part, you are teleported back to the house, but everything is disturbing and is darker. A monster lies dead on the floor; there is a locked door, and a key that opens the door near the dead monster. It leads to a passageway with jumpscares that trick you by turning you the other way. The passageway leads to a cave with a giant centipede-like creature in it (Omukade). There are four pillars in this cave, all of which are red and must be turned green by clicking on the skulls and forming the correct pattern. These patterns are randomly generated, so there is no set pattern. While doing these, you also have to be aware that the centipede monster will attack you. Unlike other monsters, it is not a one-hit kill; instead, it drains your health, depending on how many times or how long it touched you. I recommend using the Ancient Fan or the Corrupted Lantern. Upon completing the puzzle, the exit will open up, and you'll find yourself in a hallway; when you walk through the hallway, the Witch will tell you that the monsters are your ancestors. At the end of the hallway, you find your house, and go inside it. That is where Chapter 3 ends. In the end screen, it will reveal that the witch (Sama) is actually the Centipede Monster (Omukade) and that she is controlling every monster like a puppeteer and his puppets.

Nightmare mode differences: Monsters will be faster and have higher vision, the skull maze will be extended and some of the skulls will be placed differently. Upon completing Nightmare Mode 3, you will be awarded with the Corrupted Lantern which gives you more light and regeneration.

The Monsters:



*Omukade (Sama's Centipede form)

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