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Chapter 2 on the New Lobby

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Book I: Chapter II or Control's Book: Chapter II is the second chapter of The Mimic: Control's Book.

Imperial Palace - Part I

In the first part of Chapter 2, you spawn where you had left off in Chapter 1, In the Imperial palace. In this Part, You have no sprint and have to use clever tactics to flank the monsters. The First Monster that you face is the Rokurokubi, a yokai with an extended neck. You will have a few safe spaces where the Rokurokubi can not come. The Rokurokubi (Megumi) has a certain path but will pursue you if it sees you. You must go upstairs for the first part to get the key to the downstairs room on the right which has a lever to open a gate upstairs. The Rokurokubi cannot get you when you are upstairs in the rooms. It can get you on the stairs though. You must go to the room on the right upstairs to find the key. (The other room [the room on the left] holds a garden which is insignificant to progress.) The key lies on the table in the room on the right. Once you have the key, you must return downstairs to open the room on the right's door (from the main entrance). The Rokurokubi will not get you in the room. You will find the lever in the room which you need to press to open the gate upstairs. You must make your way upstairs again and enter the hallway behind the gate. In the Hallway, the witch confronts you saying that she devoured your friends and that now she is them. Then, the Rokurokubi peeks its head out and then disappears. After this the hallway ends and you find yourself in a series of islands in a dark void which have bridges to one main island. When you make your way into this island, you find a gate with a lever next to it. Once you click on the lever, the gate opens revealing a hallway which leads to a room with a mini garden with a throne with a samurai statue sitting on the throne. Then, a gigantic samurai with multiple arms starts pursuing you and you must go through a passageway. There are small hiding holes on the walls of the passageway where you can hide in to avoid the samurai monster. Once you are at the end of this passage, there are two doors which you must open to get to a room which leads to a spirit door which requires you to get a butterfly spirit to open it. The butterfly spirit is in the door to the left. The door to the left has a mini garden which contains a butterfly spirit, you must now return to the spirit door and open it. Then you must make your way forward by going straight and open the door that goes straight. Then go straight and go left to find the blue butterfly spirit. Now go back and go left and open the spirit door, a hand will try to grab you but it can't kill you. Once you make your way through the spirit door you will be teleported into part II.

Realm of the Forgotten - Part II

You are now teleported to the Realm of The Forgotten. You must now follow the butterfly spirits which align the path. You will eventually find your way to a river with a bridge. The samurai will appear and will go across the river vertically. Once you cross the bridge, you will find the tree where the witch was once sealed. The seal had been taken off. Now go right and find a butterfly spirit and go back and then go straight. You will find the spirit door which leads to a passage. You must go right and find yourself in a hallway which mimics all the places you went through in Chapter 1 like the School and the Hotel. At the end you find the entrance to the hospital. You must now go front and then go left. Then go up the steps and go right. Then wait until the monster, Shaku, is distracted and then get the key and return. Go left and straight and left now and open the door in front of you. And go downstairs. You will now be in an area filled with water. Now go straight then right then straight then left while trying to avoid being seen by Shaku. (Shaku cant get you in the land, only in the water) and you will find the butterfly spirit. Then make your way back once you make sure Shaku went the other way. Then go straight and then right and open the spirit door and you will be teleported to Part III.

Labyrinth - Part III

You are now in a maze. Go straight and then right and you shall be confronted by the witch who tells you that they finally meet now. Now you are finally at the entrance of the maze. The entrance is marked by 2 lanterns. You must try to escape this maze by finding a butterfly at one of the gardens in the maze. Only one garden in the maze has the butterfly in it. There are 3 gardens. The garden in between the two others is has the butterfly. There are many safe houses along the way which you can enter to hide from Sama and the witch. Now from the entrance, go right, then go left, then go right again then go left again and then go left and then go right and then go left again and you shall be at the garden with the butterfly. Collect the butterfly and go to the right and then go to the left then left again then right then right again and right again then again right and you will see the exit. Once you open the spirit door/exit, You go through a passage and you ask where the witch will be taking you now. And with that you reach the end of Chapter 2.

Nightmare Mode Differences: Monsters are faster and have vision range. Reaching the end of Chapter 2 will award you with the Spirit lantern which gives more light than the regular lantern.

The Mimic Chronology

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