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Chapter 1 on the New Lobby

La Quinta Highschool - Part I

Yasu is at the main entrance of his old highschool, both front doors are locked so he has to use the back door. He follows bloody footprints which lead him to a small shed with paranormal activity occuring. In the middle of it, is a key. He uses this key to open a door which would lead to the Chapter 4 Class Building, but it was blocked off by wooden barricades. Yasu finds a large sakura tree, with a picture of Taka-Onna.


The House of Death

After getting out of the school, Yasu comes across a town-like area. He finds a particular house called "死の家" or "House of Death".

Caverns - Part II

Keep walking down the path until you reach a small village. Talking to the farmer is optional. Avoid all the statues (most statues near lanterns are safe and will not attack you.) and sprint from lantern to lantern. Keep going until you reach a gate with a lever. Pull the lever to open the gate and go inside. Drop through the hole in the first floor and take a left until you reach a door. Use the key on the door and continuing to part III.

Hotel - Part III

Walk out of the elevator and sprint past Biwaki into the next one. In this portion, Biwaki will chase you waiting on the right corridor, so just sprint past her and reach the elevator as she is slow and easy to avoid. Her AI makes it so that once she gets near you, she stops for a couple seconds then resumes to walk towards you, which makes avoiding her easier. On the map in this portion there are white dashes (Example: - ), and each represent a crossing monster that will pass by occasionally. There are also green things on the map. Those are vines. Hide in those vines to not die. Reach the end and you have completed the first chapter of the mimic.


  • Nightmare Mode in older versions spawned in Hiachi in the middle of the gym, and will chase you until you reach a safe spot. An easy way to get past her was to climb on the first row of bleachers and run there, since she wouldn't notice you.
  • The First Maze was very different from now, and was harder to navigate than the new one since there were lots of ways to go. Hiachi's AI was also designed to follow one specific path and back, which made her camp the exit.

The Mimic Chronology

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4